What our data solves



User behavior is the ultimate driver of any 2C business but is infinitely hard to be reached by traditional data methodologies. Underpinned by our proprietary traffic data technology, we are able to provide unique data solutions to understand the business dynamics of target companies such as:



•    How users find, compare and buy a product or APP?
•    How to determine brand power and user loyalty of a consumer product?
•    How the latest product trend looks like and how does user interest migrate?
•    How to track and evaluate marketing campaigns among key competitors?

A small but crowded world



Why hasn't alternative data developed into a sizable universe in the last 20 years?


Why are there more than 400 alternative data providers in the world to date?


Why do all alternative datasets look so similar to end users?


The answer to the above questions is straightforward: no differentiation in terms of data source, technology and product offering led to intense competition in limited application scenarios.


Today, alternative data is no longer a concept or unconventional tool for institutional investors. What we have witnessed, however, is a mismatch between product supply and unmet demand.